What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a buzz term these days. Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals, Job Seekers, Non-Working People, Retired Persons, Students and everyone else is knowingly or unknowingly is a part of the Digital World. This makes the field of Digital Marketing important and having knowledge about it a necessity for everyone.

The Digital Field has grown with the emergence of internet. This world is embracing a lot of opportunities for business as connecting to the customers through Digital Channels is direct and simple. So, various goals that businesses have like brand awareness, product promotion, increase sales, etc. could be achieved with ease by targeting the right people in the Digital World.

The Traditional Marketing included the use of TV, Radio, Newspapers, Bill-board, etc for advertising. These marketing channels are called as offline marketing channels. Before the advent of internet, these were the only medium for the businesses to reach their customers. The improvement in technology, increased use of internet and digital & smart devices has unlocked the new avenues of Marketing Digitally. This facilitates in targeting the right people that eventually helps the businesses get customers and customers get best products.

Digital Marketing is marketing or promotion or selling of products and services through various Digital Channels. This utilizes computers, mobile phones and other digital media. The various Digital Platforms include search engines, social media networks, mobile apps, email and websites. The Digital Marketing Channels that are most commonly used by the businesses to boost their sales and customer base are presented below. Many businesses use multiple channels in their Digital Efforts.

The main reason behind the success of Digital Marketing is the customization of targeted advertisements, insight to customer behavior and the customer engagement. The advertisements on Digital Platform are targeted to the people who can be the prospect customers, so the ad-campaigns are targeted to specific group of people and are thus having a higher conversion rate. The Digital Data on how the prospect customers are reacting to the advertisements opens the businesses to improve their campaigns and products. The Digital World is a two-way connecting medium, so it gives an opportunity to the customers, also, to provide their feedback and hence, lets the businesses to improve the customer experience. This in turn improves the customer retention.


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